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Since the beginning, the America Fresh team has made its green commitment a priority.

With this in mind, America Fresh implemented a sustainable development approach for the whole company. Our priority is to provide effective, high-performance, affordable products while respecting the environment.  All our products are Eco-friendly; our detergents are 100% Biodegradable, Phosphate free and designed for high efficiency and regular washing machines.

Our Packaging is recyclable. Our Manufacturing process is accredited by International Standards and ISO procedures to maintain consistent quality. America Fresh products also integrate global bar codes standards for business communication and can be scanned electronically to streamline supply and inventory control.


America Fresh liquid laundry detergent, is phosphate free and comes with a cleaning power that removes stains and reaffirms the brightness of your colors. Comes in different sizes for your different needs.

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America Fresh original powder laundry detergent comes free of phosphates. it’s powerful cleaning formula attacks even the strongest stains. It comes in two presentations, bag or box.

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The new America Fresh toilet paper is the softest, most absorbent toilet paper you’ll ever try. Made with biodegradable fibres, our toilet paper will give the strength and softness you need for less.

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